Trump Decimates Iowa Caucus Field Inside 31 Minutes! NH Is Next (Ep 1828) 1/16/24)
Trump fires warning shot at 2024 GOP primary opponents and Biden, dominates Iowa nominating contest. Associated Press declares Trump winner just 31 minutes after caucuses start. ... Watch Now.
The Presidential Election Begins As Iowans Go To Caucus (Ep 1827) 1/15/24)
Iowa Republican voters will indicate their picks for the party’s presidential nominee, and the results of that vote will determine how many of the state’s 40 convention delegates each candidate will re ... Watch Now.
Taiwan's Elections Has Everyone On Pins And Needles! (Ep 1826) 1/11/24)
China is accused of using military threats, diplomatic pressure, fake news, and financial inducements to influence Taiwan’s elections and favor candidates supporting unification. China aims to control ... Watch Now.
Arizona's Decision To Allow NonCitizens To Vote Will Affect 2024 Election (Ep 1825) 1/10/24)
A federal judge has blocked Arizona from enforcing a 2022 state law requiring proof of citizenship to vote for U.S. president. In ruling Thursday, U.S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton said Arizonans ... Watch Now.
Dems Seem To Be Concerned They Are Losing Black Voters (Ep 1824) 1/9/24)
Rep. Jim Clyburn, co-chair of President Biden’s 2024 campaign, expressed concern about the president’s performance among black voters. Clyburn emphasized the need to communicate the accomplishments of ... Watch Now.
Will Americans Ever Stand Up Against This Out Of Control Spending? (Ep 1823) 1/8/24
Congressional leaders have reached an agreement on the next government spending bills, avoiding a partial shutdown. The deal sets top-line spending for fiscal year 2024 at $1.59 trillion, as originally ... Watch Now.
With The Help Of Our Leaders, Is The American Dream Over? (Ep 1822) 1/4/24
Recent studies indicate that economic mobility in the United States may not be as robust as previously assumed. Over the past three decades, there has been a significant decline in the growth of median ... Watch Now.
Is The CCP Ready To Make Move On Taiwan? We've Got The Breaking News
Ava Chen of the New Federal State of China joined us on Wednesday with shocking breaking news about what her organization has uncovered when it comes to the plan of Xi Zinping and his plan to invade Ta ... Watch Now.
Backlog of Aliens Soars: Over 6 Million Await Decisions in the US, Reports DHS (Ep 1821) 1/3/24
The Homeland Security Department agency responsible for removing illegal immigrants has reported a significant increase in the backlog of aliens awaiting decisions in the United States under President ... Watch Now.
End Of Year Show: A Look Back At 2023 And A Preview Of 2024 (Ep 1820) 12/28/23
A rematch between Trump and Biden presents a distinct scenario, as it brings together two candidates with widespread name recognition and well-established brands. Democrats have gained victories in the ... Watch Now.
China In 2023: Xi Doubles Down On Global Plans; New Caravan Headed For US Border (Ep 1819) 12/27/23
According to the annual “Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community” published by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence in February, it was concluded that the CCP will persist in ... Watch Now.
A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation, And DC Knows This (Ep 1818) 12/18/23
The inappropriate actions of undocumented immigrants are a consequence of Joe Biden’s unconstitutional open border policies. These policies have allowed nearly 10 million individuals from over 160+ for ... Watch Now.
Supreme Court to Hear Case That Could Undo Charges for Trump, J6 Protestors (Ep 1817) 12/14/23
The Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal that has the potential to overturn numerous charges related to the Capitol riot. This includes charges against former President Donald Trump. The decision ... Watch Now.
If House Republicans Were Serious, Why No Audit Hearings On Ukraine Funds? (Ep 1816) 12/13/23
President Biden announced $200 million in military aid to Ukraine during a meeting with Ukrainian President Zelenskyy in the White House. The aid is intended to support Ukraine in its ongoing fight aga ... Watch Now.
Are You Survival Ready If Everything Collapsed? (Ep 1815) 12/12/23
Prepping is a booming industry, with a significant portion of the US adult population spending billions on emergency preparedness in the past year. The most popular items purchased are fundamental nece ... Watch Now.

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