Florida Democrats Face Challenges, Find Bright Spot in Central Florida House District Win
Florida Democrats face challenges, including Governor Ron DeSantis’ victory over Charlie Crist. However, recent special election win boosts morale. DeSantis and Republican allies return from Iowa after ... Watch Now.
ABC News Cancels Republican Primary Debate in New Hampshire Following Nikki Haley's Bold Ultimatum
ABC News has decided to cancel its Republican presidential primary debate in New Hampshire on Thursday. This decision comes after Nikki Haley expressed her unwillingness to participate in any more deba ... Watch Now.
DeSantis Faces Huge Scrutiny in Republican Primary Race: Is It Over?
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is being scrutinized regarding his strategy for the Republican presidential primary after coming in second place in Iowa and now preparing for tougher competitions in the ... Read More.
Trump Decimates Iowa Caucuses: Haley and DeSantis Forge Ahead in South Carolina and New Hampshire
Following Monday night’s Iowa caucuses, Republican presidential hopefuls Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis delivered speeches that conveyed the perception of a closely contested race among the three contend ... Read More.
Trump Sends Warning Message with Commanding Victory in Iowa Caucus
Former President Donald Trump’s commanding victory in the Iowa nomination contest sends a warning to President Joe Biden and Republican rivals in the 2024 primary. Trump declared the victor by The Asso ... Read More.
RuPaul Charles Defends Drag Queen Story Hours: "Don't Let Them Limit Your Power!"
During his Emmy Award acceptance speech, RuPaul Charles passionately defended drag queen story hours, claiming that detractors are trying to “restrict your access to power.” ... Read More.
DeSantis Unyielding: Iowa Outcome Irrelevant as Focus Shifts to Greenville, South Carolina
Whatever the outcome in Iowa, Ron DeSantis is not expected to withdraw, according to allies. The primary in New Hampshire is the next contest, but DeSantis will go directly to Greenville, South Carolin ... Read More.
DeSantis Finds Pleasure In Trump's Public Criticism Of Rival Candidate Ramaswamy
Former President Donald Trump attacked GOP candidate Vivek Ramaswamy for the first time, criticizing him for using “deceitful campaign tricks.” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis appeared pleased with Trump’s r ... Read More.
Trump Soars Ahead in Iowa Polls, Widening Lead Over Rival Nikki Haley
Recent polling data reveals that Donald Trump has emerged as the frontrunner in the US state of Iowa among his Republican competitors for the presidency. The former US president has significantly widen ... Read More.
Trump's Influence Grows: Working-Class Americans Rally Behind Former President
Discover the growing influence of former President Donald Trump among working-class Americans. A recent survey reveals his strong support among Republican voters with an income below $50,000 and those ... Read More.
Legal Challenges: Efforts Made to Exclude President Biden from Illinois Democratic Primary Ballot
Two objections have been filed with the Illinois State Board of Elections, aiming to exclude President Joe Biden from the state’s Democratic presidential primary ballot. The petitions, both filed on Ja ... Read More.
Ron DeSantis Taunted with 'Participation Trophy' at Campaign Event: A Pre-Iowa Caucuses Twist!
An person at a campaign event taunted Florida Governor Ron DeSantis with a “participation trophy” days before the Iowa caucuses. The incident happened on Saturday, after DeSantis’s town hall meeting wi ... Read More.
Trump's Iowa Caucus Encounter: A Tale of Contrasting Dynamics at Fox News and CNN
Trump’s interactions at the Fox event stood out against the intense discussions between Governor Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley. Despite joking about his troubled relationship with the network, the atmos ... Read More.
Deceptive Door Knockers: Unveiling the Controversial Tactics of DeSantis Supporters | REPORT
Discover the analysis exposing the extent of the conflict in Iowa. The New York Times reveals that Never Back Down door knockers, tasked with rallying support for DeSantis, are actually endorsing Trump ... Read More.
Nikki Haley's Bold Claim: Retirement Age Misunderstood, Ron DeSantis Called Out
Nikki Haley claims she never said retirement age is way too low for everyone else. She also said that Ron DeSantis was totally misrepresenting the facts. “That’s what he’s done. Ron continues to lie be ... Read More.

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