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Republican Party's Internal Strife: The Pathetic Drama of House GOP's Speaker Race
The Republican Party is currently dealing with embarrassing situations, with the House GOP’s incompetence and petty squabbles seen as particularly pathetic. Steve Scalise, initially chosen as the party ... Read More.
Dem Leaders Are Purposely Trying To Drive Divisive Wedge Between Americans
Concerns are arising over President Biden’s lack of attention towards social disorder in Democratic-led cities, exemplified by incidents like the recent ransacking of an Apple Store in Philadelphia. De ... Read More.
The Democratic Party's Agenda: Ideology, Power, and Finances - Who Do They Really Serve?
The Democratic Party’s level of interest in America as a nation has diminished. The Democratic party, along with their more extreme and aggressive supporters, known as their radical and violent base, a ... Read More.
BREAKDOWN: Sen. Menendez Faces Bribery Charges: Extravagant Gifts and Corruption Scandal Unveiled
Senator Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) and his wife’s indictment has had a major impact on Washington’s political landscape. As chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations committee, Menendez holds a powerful p ... Read More.
Joe Biden Has Got Caught Using Alias Emails With Potential Criminal Activity; That's A Fact!!
Learn about the ongoing challenges faced by the House Oversight Committee in obtaining relevant materials from the Bidens and the administration. Discover the president’s use of alias accounts and the ... Read More.
Trump's Bold Move: Skips First 2024 Republican Debate, Winning Over Supporters & Critics Alike
Republican strategists who are supporting Donald Trump’s campaign, as well as two who are backing other candidates in this election, claim that Trump’s choice to not attend the event on Wednesday once ... Read More.
The Verdict: A High-Stakes Trial with an Uncertain Jury and a Biased Judge
In the ongoing legal dispute between former President Trump and the House Select Committee investigating the events of January 6th, a concerning development has emerged. President Trump, rightfully ass ... Read More.
Unveiling CCP's Secret Weapon: How American Capitalism Fuels Global Dominance and Economic Rivalry
Unsettlingly, the Chinese government has used our own capitalist system against us by turning it into a weapon. About 100 million Americans are unintentionally supporting a military with plans for glob ... Watch Now.
Donald Trump's Indictment: A Threat to Free Speech and American Voters
Simply put, this indictment amounts to a declaration of war against American voters and their right to free speech under the US Constitution. They want to lock him up. They view Donald Trump as a crimi ... Read More.
Ron DeSantis' Hamptons Fundraisers Flop as Trump and Kennedy Jr. Steal the Show
According to sources, Ron DeSantis cancelled two Hamptons fundraisers last weekend due to a lack of interest, while rival Donald Trump and challenger Robert F. Kennedy Jr. collected enormous sums of mo ... Read More.
President Biden's Denial: Unraveling the Business Claims Surrounding His Son
Joe Biden, the president, repeatedly refuted claims that he ever discussed business with his son in the months before the 2020 election. Joe said during the second presidential debate in October 2020, ... Read More.
U.S. District Court Judge Unleashes: Critiquing a Flawed Plea Agreement with Surgical Precision!
The DOJ and Hunter appear to have come to an agreement whereby, in exchange for Hunter’s guilty pleas to the two tax misdemeanor charges that were the focus of his plea, the government would agree not ... Read More.
If Anyone Was More Deserving Of An Impeachment, That Would Be Joe Biden
The evidence is highly incriminating. With these new revelations, the Republican-controlled House has ample grounds to proceed with the impeachment process against Joe Biden. It is worth recalling how ... Read More.
Hunter Biden: A Corrupt Deal and Alleged Political Shield For The Big Guy
The Biden Ukraine bribery scheme is shaping up to be the biggest political scandal in American history, as we have explained here in recent days. If it’s true, Biden’s presidency would come to an end e ... Read More.
Have You Noticed The Dems Hatred For Israel Growing? Why Is That?
Democratic a consistent decrease since 2016. Democrats now favor Palestinians by an 11-point margin. The most significant gap lies in the 24-point difference between liberal Democrats’ sentiments towar ... Watch Now.

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